Lepo' Tau Dayak
Sarawak (Borneo)


This website is a tribute to a tribe called Kenyah Lepo Tau (categorized under 'Orang Ulu' in Sarawak) who is now still living around the Baram river in the Borneo Island (Sarawak, Malaysia).
About the 'Kenyah' tribe: 
About Sarawak (Borneo): 


Jah, ini ne bareng yak ake sukat ke menchai me tepat panak Kenya dalem 'website' ini. Apan ilu sukat belajan ngan man adet ilu abek lisan abek bayak. Ben bok le na'at ngan ngimet disek puyan ilu Kenyah ne, tem bek  melai le kuak 'maju' uko ba'an bengsak diak cha na'an. Chin 'website' ini, ake arep bengsak diak cha pe sukat tisen layan ngan puyan bengsak ngan adet ilu.  Ngan  la'a ini ne cha jalan iyak ake sukat ke menchai me anak diak bayak dini apan  ida sukat ke belajan, ngajan ngan jaga adet ilu Kenyah.
Nyat lesau arep ilu sukat nulong ka'ang ilu. Mong pengimet sama ada diak tiga atau pe diak engkin ilu labok ne, ake arep apan ilu mong sukat ke belajan chin ina. 
Tiga tawai ngan tiga sa'ek ke me tepat mong ben nai na'at, nak pengimet ikem ngan pengencam ikem dalam 'website' ini. Tiga tawai ngan tiga sa'ek ke me tepat mong ben nai na'at, nak pengimet ikem ngan pengencam ikem dalam 'website' ini. Arep udip sengim udip lirim, udip sengela tiga, udip saek ngan udip kelinek. Tiga sa'ek ngan tiga tawai. Dicem-dicem!


Kenyah's dialect is a dying language. It has only a few reliable and solid references, books, tapes, or sites (to date) that can give us information about this language. Otherwise, we merely depending on the older generation and those who are still living and studying in and around their villages. Personally, I still think that the only well documented reference on this language is the Bible-Kenyah version. Then again, I might be wrong. 
Also, this site is a compilation of songs, musics, folklore, folk tales, language, foods, arts and crafts that I have gathered through my discussion group called, Kenyah "Orang Ulu" in Sarawak (Borneo) Malaysia and also from my personal collections.
Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your supports.
This website is not only meant for the Kenyah speaking viewers but also for the non-Kenyah who are interested to know about this tribe. Hence, English is being use on the up front of this page and some parts of this websites. Hopefully, this would be some sort of useful to you.